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Our network of solar professionals have helped thousands of homeowners taking control over their Electricity Costs by installing solar power systems for their houses. We have combined many years of field experience with Energy Advisor Hub cloud-based technology to take our services to the next level. There are only 5 quick steps:

  • Provide your Utility Bill
  • Site Evaluation
  • Review your choices
  • Pick your local solar installer
  • Enjoy your savings


Our business is powered by Energy Advisor Hub which is a technology company who connects homeowners with the right local solar installers. We use a cloud-based platform that helps you to find the best solar solution for your house. As a result, you will go solar with confidence. Moreover, the HUB provides the most flexible financing options for your residential solar installation project, so you can go solar with $0 upfront investment and lower your Electricity Costs significantly. Give us a call today and we will show you how we can help you.

Solar Benefits

Solar Energy brings many long term and short term benefits for everyone including future generations.

  • Immediate saving on your Electric Costs
  • Increased property value according to Berkeley Lab
  • Saving the planet for everyone
  • Increasing our energy independence

Solar Installers You Can Trust

Top Solar Adviser is a proud partner of Energy Advisor Hub which is a technology company behind out business.   We identify your energy needs first because we aim to address your needs and then we use EAH UFB tools to pair you with the top local solar installers. This means you will save more on your solar installation project while receiving a world class service. 

Your satisfaction is our goal

We are proud to say with confidence that you are our first priority. We provide you with all of your options and choices from local solar installers and help you to pick the option that works best for you. Then, we will assist you during the process until your solar power system is installed and made operational successfully. 

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